R meetup on Mar 28

This week’s R meetup will be on Wednesday (Mar 28; 4-6pm) at Marston science library Room 136. In the first hour of the meetup (4-5pm), Justin will be giving a presentation on the Shiny package in R. Shiny allows R users to create interactive web application right from R without any knowledge of HTML/JavaScript/CSS. Shiny apps can be freely hosted on www.shinyapps.io, and can have a wide range of potential uses.
Become a Software and Data Carpentry Instructor

Become a Software and Data Carpentry Instructor

We will be hosting an instructor training workshop for becoming certified as a Carpentries instructor on March 5-6, 2018 and we invite you to apply by Wednesday Feburary 14. The purpose of the Carpentries organization, which is a merger between the pre-existing Software Carpentry (https://software-carpentry.org/) and Data Carpentry (http://www.datacarpentry.org/), is to run workshops that provide better computational skills to scientists, including in various programming languages. The upcoming 2-day training workshop will train instructors to use educational pedagogy and best instructional practices while teaching technical subjects like programming and reproducible science.

Upcoming Meeting Presentation: Rcpp and foreach

Here’s the details for this week’s R meetup session: Presentation: “Speeding up R code using Rcpp and foreach packages” by Dr Pedro Albuquerque Time: 4 to 6pm Date: Feb 8 (Wednesday) Venue: Marston Science Library Room L136 We think this week’s presentation topic will be very useful for those of us who have (or planning to write) R codes take up lots of computing power and time. By leveraging on C++, via Rcpp, and package such as foreach, it is possible to get your job done faster!