Courses at UF


The Software and Data Carpentry workshops are a great way to jump-start your R programming skills. Workshops are offered regularly across campus, check out the UF Informatics Institute website for upcoming workshops.

Also, all of the course materials are freely available at any time, so you can work through these lessons on your own. The Data Analysis and Visualization in R is a great place to start, and the Programming with R and R for Reproducible Scientific Analysis lessons provide more in-depth resources for mastering R.

Data Carpentry Course

The Data Carpentry curriculum is also offered as a 3 credit course (WIS 6934) instructed by Dr. Ethan White. Here’s a link to the course website.

Stats Courses

Many department across UF have courses in statistics that use R (as well as other programs). Check out this site to see all the stats courses across campus, and which ones use R.

RSSIG and workshops on R for the social sciences

Based in the UF Department of Sociology and Criminology & Law, RSSIG is an interest group for University of Florida social scientists who use R. RSSIG mainly works through a Canvas website to which any UF student or faculty can register. More details are here.

In collaboration with the UF Informatics Institute, RSSIG hosts a yearly series of workshops on R for data analysis in social research. Click here for information on the next RSSIG workshop and how to sign up.

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